Buy, Sell And Exchange Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Exchange Services

At North Star Metrics you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or over 70+ cryptocurrencies instantly. We support all individuals, businesses or travelers.

Crypto Volatility Protection

North Star Metrics is the only company or the platform that guides and protects your investments form the volatile crypto market. With our expert advice your assets will always bring you profit.

Crypto Investment Services

If you're looking forward to investing in cryptocurrencies and not worry about losses, then North Star Metrics is the right place to get started. Want to discuss on the No Risk investment program?

Crypto-Fiat Conversion Options

North Star Metrics allows you to sell cryptocurrencies instantly and convert your crypto to real money, whether you want to convert it to INR, USD, GBP or etc. The best part there are no limit on transactions.

Cryptocurrency OTC Desk

North Star Metrics has a Over the counter crypto buy or sell services for individuals or businesses that wants to deal in high value transactions. The bare minimum trade on our OTC desk starts at ₹ 5,00,000.00.

Online Brokerage Services

North Star Metrics also provides brokerage services for individuals or businesses that believes in self trading. With our team of expert brokers you get accurate market insights for your investments, for a nominal a fee.