About Us


About Us

India's First Cryptocurrency Exchange

We are a team of entrepreneurs who founded North Star Metrics with the vision to accommodate individuals and businesses in India to help adapt cryptocurrencies, because we believe it's only matter of time that digital currency will become the future of all currencies.

We have made it possible for the first time in India that any individuals, businesses or just an occasional traveler can now buy, sell & learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum or any cryptocurrencies one-on-one right from our office.

How is this beneficial for you?

One, it removes the risk and burden of trusting an online or offshore exchange.
Two, you deal directly with a real person one-on-one who you can discuss before making your trade.
Three, you're in total control of your cryptocurrency assets whether buying or selling.
Four, you can buy or sell with various payment methods such as Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI or even Cash.
Five, it eradicates the burden of paying hefty fees, deposit delays and limiting your cryptocurrency transactions, above all loads of personal documentation verification.
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